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Our Concepts are driven by a closer understanding of your existing  Architecture & its Interiors. 

Our Designs are Customized and extremely  Practical.

They are based on a few factors...

Do you socialize?
Do you have pets?
Are there any aged members in your family?
Are you allergic to specific plants or pollen?
How often do you travel?

Such relevant questions and more, help us to customize your space into a practical and aesthetic landscape.

Terrace Works


Hardscaping describes the physically hard construction materials, which are used to improve the Architectural features in a landscaped area. They could mean, pathways, Gabion walls, stone seater, Cascade, Dry streams, and related works. 

Down 2 Earth”: is actively involved in Projects, tackling Pavers, Installation of stone walls, the setting up of play equipment, customized external furniture Pergolas and products, based on its requirement. 



Landscaping can change an atmosphere in any surrounding, combining aesthetics, nature, and culture in contemporary practice for your enjoyment.

We create aesthetic gardens, passionately and professionally adding tremendous value to your property.