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About "Down 2 Earth" Landscaping Services

"Down 2 Earth" is a Landscaping firm that's Situated in Bangalore, India. We provide Landscaping  Solutions from Designing to its Execution, both for Domestic and Corporate Clients. Our dedicated team of Designers,  Artists,  Engineers  & Supervisors ensures that Every detail is dealt with Precession. 
At "Down 2 Earth ", designs are Innovated & Customized,  based on their Location and Requirements.

Shadow on Concrete Wall

DOWN 2 EARTH has been doing research and development in Arid conditions, Rocky terrains, and in similar challenging situations since 2004. It has since emerged as an establishing Landscaping firm, that provides an “OUT OF THE BOX” solution and its focus is on being

.Creative and Practical 

.Our work ethics, Reliability, and after-sales have enabled us to exceed our Clients expectations 

Our Work includes Independent Villas, Terrace gardening, Corporates, Farmhouses, Resorts, Balconies, among others

.DOWN 2 EARTH rests on a foundation built with a highly skilled team of Landscape Designers, Gardeners, and Horticulturists. As a Company, We strive and push for a Service that is Unmatched if you have a dream



Preconstruction Design

 We have a bright team of experts that can give you a realistic experience through 3D designs

Design & Construction Estimate

We are quick! Once our designs are frozen and the materials approved, we begin the process of estimating and subsequently starting of work.

Site Implementation

Nature has inspired us in providing Concepts. 

Our dedicated team of Supervisors and landscapers will ensure smooth operation and quality service.


The Finishing


You will have our Signature touch in every project we undertake



We Dare to Dream .............................. BIG

We Walk the Talk

Our designs/work does the talking.

We add value to your investment by following industries Best Practice 

With a strong Horticulture and plant knowledge, plants are personally chosen from the Nurseries, tried, and tested. 

We are able to landscape your property using High standards, utilizing specialized Machinery and equipment. 

Our Concepts are not duplicated and each project offers a unique experience. 

We provide a walk through as part of our Design Presentation. 

With our dedicated team in this industry, we are able to deliver your Projects from Concept to its Completion. 

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